Specialty Carts

For the discerning customer who wants something unique or and practical, the Golf Cart Outlet, Inc. can custom build a specialty car to fit your particular requirements.

Golf Carts to Street Cars™

From the historic 57’ Chevy to the muscle Mustang, we can manufacture either street legal golf cars or golf cars for your driving pleasure.  This little gem has custom seat covers, a custom back seat and all the street legal golf car necessities, to include a HS motor and capable of 25 MPH.

A sweet deal for only $9,195.00

Who has not wanted a '67 Mustang.  Red with white racing stripes, this guy is the antique car buffs dream.  The special little trailer, custom made, really brings out the nastolgia of the '67 Mustang.  Made with all the street legal stuff or not, this is truely a prize.

Antique all the way for only $11,995.00

The Sportster, unique but slick.  Custom carpet in the floorboard and the backseat area, with leather seats and a beautiful red paint job, the Sportster is truely a specialty car.  Maybe reds not your color, choose your own and Golf Cart Outlet can do it for you. 

Slick, smooth and unique at only $9,995.00


 A Street Legal Ford Truck, oh my.  This baby is just plain sweet.  A fold-down tailgate, fits the Club Car DS style chassis, and is totally Street Legal.  Again with the red, must be a favorite color, but you can have any color you want, just ask.

We can't give it away for less than $15,995.00



The Golf Cart Outlet, Inc. is a manufacturer, we specialize in the construction of Street Legal Golf Cars.  All specialty vehicles can be built into street legal versions.  Prices will vary on all cars depending on your choice of options and accessories.  All prices listed above are approximations of the vehicle shown.  Please contact us concerning you specialty car and let us develop a quote to give you a better price.

There are many other body styles to choose from, anything from a Hummer 3 to Escalades.  We would love to work with you on your specialty car.  Contact us either by phone or email so we can start on yours.

Toll Free at 866-880-0595 or golfcartoutl@atmc.net


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