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Street Legal Requirements

The Street Car™ meets all Federal Standards set forth from Title 49, Part 571.500. The following defines the standard features of all our street legal golf cars:

  • Headlights & taillights with turn signals and brake lights

  • License plate light

  • Seat belt for each passenger 

  • Speedometer

  • Horn

  • DOT Approved Tires

  • DOT Approved Windshield

  • Windshield Wiper

  • Amber reflectors on all corners of the vehicle

  • Minimum speed of at least 21 mph

  • Maximum speed of 25 mph

  • One drivers side external mirror

  • One internal mirror

  • 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number, V.I.N.



Street Car™ specifics:

Chassis: The Street Car is built on an aluminum Club Car Frame. Perfect for longevity in coastal and beach regions. 


Batteries: We includes premium name batteries standard in all Street Cars, including Trojan and U.S. Batteries for maximum range and peak performance. 

Weights and Measures:

Curb Weight:                            864 Lb with batteries

GVW:                                      1400 Lb (gross vehicle weight)

Length:                                     110 inches

Height:                                      58 inches

Width:                                      44 inches

Turning Radius:                         10 feet

Front Track:                             52.5 feet

Rear Track:                              52.5 feet

Wheelbase:                               71.1 inches

Power Train

Motor:                                      5.5 HP High speed electric motor

Transmission:                            Rear wheel direct drive Kawasaki differential

Speed Control:                         Curtis solid state controller with heavy gauge wiring

Tire:                                         10: Four-Ply DOT rated tires

Battery Pack:                            Six Trojan 8 Volt deep-cycle batteries

Off-Board Charger:                  48 Volt DC charger with charge status LED, requires

                                                110 AC house current

Chassis                                     Club Car Aluminum Frame 

Brakes:                                     Two rear wheel mechanical brakes

Frame:                                      Aluminum welded lightweight aircraft aluminum frame

Rear Suspension:                     Leaf spring and shocks

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