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Simple, regular maintenance of your golf cart during the off-season ensures that your car is ready to run when the time comes. Let us handle the work. Contact us to join our on-site monthly service plan. We make sure your cart is properly stored at your home and will perform routine battery care throughout the off-season so you don't have to!



 Our Monthly Battery Care Program  is just $35 per month and includes

a certified Golf Cart Fix technician coming to your residence to: 



  1. Check battery water levels & add distilled water to the proper level

  2. Battery test

  3. Tire pressure check and adjust as needed

  4. 8-hour cart charge

  5. Returning the next day to unplug the charger 


After our 5 step service has been performed we will update you on your carts statue and if additional service is needed.

Carts are placed in tow mode upon care completion and we return in 30 days to repeat.

Enroll your cart.

Monthly battery care fee is $35 per month. Upon submitting this form you will be enrolled in our reoccurring monthly billing cycle. Program runs September through April and may be ended or extended upon request.

Thanks for joining! We'll contact you shortly.

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